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Wimpole Private Hospital

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I am always curious about some of the old buildings around Lethbridge. I was specifically interested in the top floor of this building and the small windows along the angled roof. I Finally found out what this one on 7th is all about: Originally the Wimpole Private Hospital in 1911, then became the Van Haarlem Hospital in 1913, then St. Michael’s Hospital in 1929. Currently the building is privately owned by Doug and Ryan Davidson, and operated as low income housing with nearly 30 tenants.Photo scanned from “Where Was It?” a book by Irma Dogterom compiling early Lethbridge buildings. I attempted to take the photograph from the same standpoint at the historical photo, but add my unique perspective by focusing specifically on the windows that first sparked my curiosity.

Written by Nashville Photographer Jaime Vedres

April 25th, 2010 at 5:09 pm