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I started Daily Photo Dose back in 2010, and since that time I have dealt with my fair share of copyright infringement. Whether it’s an individual or a large company using my photographs without consent, the bottom line is, it’s theft.

Despite watermarking photographs, putting notices on the website, disabling right click save, educating followers about proper use and licensing of photographs, it seems more and more frequently I’m dealing with copyright issues.

…and before I hear the response “I got it free off google” below every image in their search is the notice “Images may be subject to copyright”.

While I have a great copyright lawyer locally, as well as in Toronto and the US, taking the time to pursue cases is daunting and takes time away from my real work. This page is an attempt to share some of the cases I deal with frequently.

New Home Listing Service / Twitter –

Status: Despite crediting my work, the photo is still stolen and used without consent. Submitted to lawyer.

Lethbridge Progressive Fighting Academy –

Lethbridge Progressive Fighting AcademyStatus: Resloved. Another case of “google images are free”. The owner apologized for the misuse by which time a Facebook copyright claim had removed the image from both facebook and instagram.

Sunrise Ford Fontana –

sunrise ford fontana

Status: Still being processed by a US copyright lawyer.

Deanna – Etsy

etsy - Deanna Dresen-Hale

Status: Resolved. Image removed.

Volkswagen Dealership – Russia

Status: It’s next to impossible to go after a copyright claim in Russia.

Mortgage A Home

Status: Sent to lawyers, Settlement reached, Damages Paid.

Written by Lethbridge Photographer Jaime Vedres

September 3rd, 2016 at 3:47 pm

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